The Power of Words

Between the words, you’ll find something much more valuable thing. You’ll find some courage, you’ll find some story, some feelings, and without recognize it, you already had the power, the strength of being powerful. How do I say this ? Each word, when you try to string them up, you’ll find a lot of meaning. There isn’t any dot, comma, exclamation nor question marks without any meaning.

The power it self came from the remanence of our brain, whose trying to interpret the construction of sentences. without knowing it, the pulses and waves that brain conducts to all of our nerve cell, carrying all of the meaning of those words. Say, when you read “You are what they says YOU”. Hell ? Have you understand what I told you before ? Hahhahaa, if you don’t, then don’t blame yourself, blame your heart. Coz your heart couldn’t think anything without you know what I mean in this story.Try to read this passage once more, there’s an implicit meaning behind all of these words. I told ya.. 😀


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