Have you ever been ?

Have you ever been so touched that you couldn’t say a word,

that only tears run out on your face ?

and looks like your heart was grabbed so tight that it hurts ?

uhuhuu.. isn’t it a nice a feeling ? I like that feels..

It’s a feeling.. that.. mmm.. What should I say ? It feels nice when you realize that you’re born into this world with a heart to feels, with some tears to cry. And you’re hurts when it hurts,,,


but that hurts feeling, is because something grabbed to your heart is something that reaaaly nice. Something so sweet, something so..cute? something so touched, though it made your heart, instead racing -as always- it’s hurts, a heart throb feeling I mean..


I can’t explain it well, but I’m sure.. everyone has already feels it, even it only once.

in my case : times.

especially when it comes to Allah SWT, family matters, childrens, and my beloved ones.

p.s : 2 mnggu terakir ni gatau tiap kali niat shalat trus bismillah, gatau napa kok langsung pgn nangis..

do’a :

papa..hiks.. jgan ngeyel dong.. diet ah.. hyper semua, ga tensi, ga gula, huhuuu..sedih ni anakmu mkirnya.. 😦 tar yg kurus ak lagi, bknny papa.


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