I’m scared because I’m feeling happy. Wew..

5 reasons I’m scared :

1. Too much happines always brings something unwanted (as my experience said)

2. When I’m Happy I’m scared I would pass the limit I should have obeyed

3. It’s too sad to think that “am I the only one who being happy here ?”

4. I can’t stop thinking over and over the first reason.

5. I don’t think I deserve this happines.

‘Kay, that’s all.. maybe I was just too self conscious or what, but.. man ! I can’t help but to thinking this matter over and over. and those thinking’s the source of my scared.

. . . .

setelah dipikir2 daripada tenggelam, atau gelap atau apalah, yang paling aku takutin ini deh. =_=


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