Back to the square one

You know, it’s not really that hard to start over things. But still, there will always “things” to tidy up, and show it in a better shape. Like what I did with him. It’s stupid if I said, “Nope, I didn’t make any mistake “. Yeah.. it will always hurt at first, and it will never totally healed in this case. But still, there’s a chance to change, and there’ll always be “options”

Yeap, I choose “start all over again” option. we can’t go on like.. there isn’t any either affair or incident and walk again. We can’t. That’s my conclusion after months. You know, ,it’s easier for him to start all over again than continue this journey. It’s like.. hmm… rejuvenate (halah) our relationship, back to those years, when we’re still green. Hahahhaaa. You know..

Hope this option works., ’cause.. if  it isn’t than.. I don’t know what should I do.

Too much differences between both of us. But still, I love him so much. Even if that means “hurt each other”again. it’s better, (maybe), than being alone w/out him. I can’t imagine my self w/out him. I don’t know. I will go on. Yep, I will go on, and I will work hard for both of us. For me, for him, and for our future. Yeaaahhh. !!!! SMANGAT!


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