It’s someone special’s birthday

He’s someone who always be there for me, all of these years, even when I’m still a baby. He always took care of me, and he never let me down in this “:guarding” things.
He acts cool and don’t care at all about me, but everyone says the other side and tell the truth. That’s how sweet he is. He made me angry, furious, jealous, ahahaa, all of these things. He’s special for me. He’s not the most gentle person in the world, but he do what he can do, and that’s what I loved about him. and, the point that he loves mom so much,, makes me want to throw him with basketball. Hahaa, you know. that kind of feeling.

He’s my brother, hahaha. Happy 22nd yrs old bro ! You’re the best brother I could have in this short life. 🙂
ahhh..anyway, this is my 18th birthday. Not bad, we were born on the same date, and fortunately, different years (can’t imagine how ugly I am if he and I were twin. hahahahahaaa)


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