My Recent Project (?)

Naaah. you couldn’t say it as a project anyway, and this is not my project at all, just.. somehow I’ve to be the chief for the organizer. that’s all..

It’s a training for them who’s gonna take their last block as a med.stud, since they’ll graduate and be a co-assistant in hospitals, so we : TBM A*LERT (just to make sure no one search TBM A*LERT and find this page, hahaha,, :p no one know my page anyway) make this training where 80 students of the senior year could came together to get some subject e.g :

1. Fluid resuscitation etc

2. Minor Surgery and Head-spinal trauma

3. Heart correlated things

you know..subjects correlated with Emergency Room. 🙂


Anyway, I thanks God to have such a wonderful team, and.. I hope Allah will always guide me in this matter. anyway,, for the fund raising I’ve decide to make a “gantungan kunci”  I know it’s simple, that’s why I took it at first place, not using t-shirt, or sticker or anyelse.. since, they’re nearly adult, I don’t think they would like something… lebay just like those things.

here you go :


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