Let him be.

You are calm and gentle, sarcastic but yes they’re all true. you’re not fake, that’s one thing for sure, I’ve always love that side of you. being with you for almost 5 years reveal every single sides of you. The bright one, the dark one, and yes, the other one.
It’s hard to believe that you’re opened up to me : but yes, you were opened up your heart for me,4 years ago.

and then.. there’s this mistake..
I lost this key that I’ve got once to get to you.
I’ve lost it..
2 years has passed.. and still, can’t gain that key anymore,
I didn’t make any mistake.
I didn’t.
if only you know…

Now… I know people changed, in many ways. You’re still the gentle you, you’re still the honest you.
but now, you’ve changed….no, you didn’t changed, I changed you.

Is it my fault ? Now you’ve become someone who’s harsh in words? Is it my fault that you become someone who is hardly trust anyone now ? they’re all my fault, no?

If only you know..this despair I’ve buried inside my soul. if only you know.

dearest dear, I’ll let you be. I’ll let you be…everything.. you want,.with anyone you want.
if you want to be free, then I’ll let you be…
it’s okay even if what makes you happiest will drown me to despair,.. I’ll let you be.

if only you know this wound.. that engraved.. in each question… in each accusation..


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