afterall.. maybe I’m talking about my ownself. rather than talking about someone else. You learn something by hearing, you know the truth is something enchanting,. But still. Nothing compared to the euphoria when you know something firsthand and didn’t tell anyone else, since you know that the information is so priceless. 🙂

Bringing upon a theme in some conversation will lead you to someplace you will never know who you hurt. Bringing some topic up surface lightly,will lead you to hurt anybody. You’ll never know what running through everyone’s mind,. no.. not mind, heart.

Previously I met these two girls who lightly talking about the others.. You know what,, in other hand. in that room.. I saw a girl at the corner listening to both of them, with smiley face, but you could see that she didn’t really smile. Same goes for the other boy next to her. He didn’t smile at all. He doesn’t even care, he only care to see the girls who chit chat is having fun, and that will be enough.

The other story..

I saw these lovebirds who sat on the corner of the room and having fun, but on the other side,, these 2 men were looking at them, smile desperately remembering their own memories with their exs., isn’t it a little bit.. depressing to found out all of these thing just by sit on the corner of the room and be a wallflower, that’s what happened to me whenever I go there. That’s why.. it has… 2 weeks since the last time I stopped by there.

Some individualism atmosphere, dwelling there. and I hate it.


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