It’s been a long time.

Udah lama banget gak nulis. Bisa dibilang, dari dulu sering nulis (tapi ga pernah ada hubungannya sama yg penting-penting,sampah semua yang aku tulis.)

Buku, kertas kecil, daun, batu, hahaha.. selain dinding toilet lah.. smua bisa ditulisin. Tapi kemarin smpet ada insiden yang bikin aku mikir ratusan kali untuk nulis sesuatu lagi. Semua yang aku tulis cuma untuk konsumsi pribadi selama ini.

in words, I shall prevail all the things I can’t say, whether it’s true or not.Einstein said we should imagine through our life. no ? it’s like.. all the archives are a pile of pandora boxes. that no one should never see.

and he saw it.

you’ve crossed the line.




he never stay behind the line. even from the start.

I’m loosing my life here.

should I build a wall to surround my heart again ?

this will be the last post.

I’ll keep everything inside my head, and hold it dearly where no one knows, but only Him. and me, myself.

you shouldn’t crossed the line.


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