I’ll find a way

Besok MCQ 2, iya tau. Belum blajar sama sekali, iya tau. Yaudah sih. I need something to be done here.

So I’m trying to explain my vision, my dream, to him. But unfortunately… yeah.. not good.

It’s..disheartening., when someone precious to you..can’t accept what your dream is.
Am I an egoist person ?? But never in my life I’ve got so excited over an idea. Being in the frontline where you may do what your job and your passion at the same time.
Wasn’t it a sign, when someone that you respect so much is actually having the same dream with you ?? Isn’t it a sign when  someone who’s within your reach, is actually already achieving your dream and may open your way there ??

Mbak des once asks me, what’s my real passion is,
and now after 2 years being asked, nope.. 20 years I’ve lived.. I’ve now know what I really want to do with my life.
My passion.


Won’t he accept it ?? It’s not like I need his permission..
But it is disheartening..

When you know what you want, but it’s not in the same path with your loved one (?)

Sakit bung, disuruh menyerah sblm mncba. Apalagi buat ssuatu yg bener2 kmu mau, suka, dan sanggup melakukannya.

Don’t make me choose. I’m bad at chosing.
Experience told me to follow my heart. Didn’t follow it once., and regrets come afterwards.

“Here!!!”, told my heart
“Nooooo.. bla bla bla”, said the brain

“F*ck off”, I’ll say. Next time.


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