Last Chapter

Can’t help myself but feeling blessed.

Have you called your love on today ?
your mother, your father, your brother, your sister.
Pls remember
you won’t be there without them.
A family is a place you could always come back to.
And I’m truly blessed to have my family…
Even though I can’t meet them right now… I know their prayer always been by my side…

Umur siapa yang tau ? Kita ga pernah tau kapan,siapa,di mana,bagaimana seseorang di panggil ke Rahmatullah. Mungkin aku, mungkin kamu..
Who knows ?

Yang paling dekat itu kematian

That’s right.
Before you can’t see someone anymore..
why don’t you show them how you love them ?
What’s pride when your pride took your chances ?
I miss my family like crazy right now. To think how blessed I am having those two as my parents.
Feeling like trash can’t make them happier and staying by their side 24/7.

So I pray and pray and pray
2 4 7 3 6 5
To meet them again in Jannah one day.
So I could do what I should do as a daughter.
Staying by their side and taking care of them.
Mom, Dad.
I love you two so much.
I miss you two so much it could rip my heart apart.

May Rahmatan Illaih always be with you two.
Please stay healthy.
So I could meet you again. Soon.


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